The Evolution of a 2.0 Teacher: Part 3

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The Evolution of a 2.0 Teacher: Part 3

When I first signed up for Diigo, I joined a group called “Diigo in Education.”  Joining this group is what turned my teaching on its head.

When you sign up for a Diigo group, you have the option of getting email notifications of what other group members have shared. I initially signed up for once-a-day emails, but you can choose weekly, immediately, or none. Each morning I would open my email, and there would be a message from my “Diigo in Education” group with links to websites and pages that other teachers found useful. A quick glance at the website’s description was usually enough to tell me if it would fit my needs.  (You can also look at back posts as well if you’d rather not receive emails.)

I can’t tell you how many amazing tools I found because of this group. In addition to websites and technology ideas, group members will often post relevant articles about education today.

In my opinion, this is the best way to start integrating technology successfully in your classroom.  To sign up for this group, simply follow the directions below.

1) Create a diigo account at

2) Log in to your account.

3) In your browser, copy and paste this link:  You will then be prompted to join the group. NOTE: You cannot join the group without first creating a Diigo Account.  But Diigo’s so awesome, why wouldn’t you???

Next Time: I will go over some of the top tools I have found that can be generalized to almost all content areas in 6-12.

Using Diigo Part 1

Using Diigo Part 2


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