How to Download Free Sounds using

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How to Download Free Sounds using

There are lots of websites out there that allow you to download sounds, but it is important to respect copyright. It’s also important to make sure you aren’t downloading any trojans or viruses, or your tech guys will through a fit. is a free, safe, and copyright friendly website that you can download sound effects from quickly and easily.

Step 1: Create an account (see Keep Track of Usernames and Passwords for help)

Step 2: Confirm your account by checking your email and clicking the link that is sent to you.

Step 3: Go to freesfx’ home page. Make sure you are signed in. Do a search for a sound (e.g. “growl).

Step 4: “Premium” sound effects are listed first and cost money. If you’re looking for free sound effects, scroll down past the premium and the ads.

Step 5: Preview the sounds by clicking the “play” icon (standard sideways triangle). When you’ve found a sound you like, click the “mp3” button on the right. Click the “I agree” button.

Step 6: Open the sound. If it pops up in Windows Media Player like mine does, right click the top of the black bar, select “File” and then choose “Save As.”

Step 7: Select the folder you want to save the sound in. DO NOT CLICK SAVE YET!  You MUST add on the .mp3 extension. To do this, click the box next to “File Name,” go to the end of the name of the file (you can change it if you want to) and add “.mp3”  .  If you don’t do this, SMART Notebook and ActivStudio won’t be able to find it.  NOW click Save : )

Step 8: You’re done! If you want to embed the file into an Interactive Whiteboard Page, see Animate Objects and Add Sound.


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