How to Turn Pen Notations into Objects in ActivStudio

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How to Turn Pen Notations into Objects in ActivStudio

In a previous post, I mentioned that ActivStudio (Promethean Software) does not allow pen and highlighter notations to be treated as objects. If you ever find it absolutely necessary to turn a pen notation into an object, you can do it using the following steps.

Step 1: Draw your picture with your pen and/or highlighter.

Step 2: Click your camera in the floating toolbar and select “Area.” A blue square and another tool bar with cameras will appear.

Step 3: Adjust the blue square around your image and click the first camera in your tool bar (should say “To Current Flip Chart Page”).

Step 4: The pen markings will then be pasted onto your flip chart as an object, and you can animate as usual. If you need to do some editing first, you’ll need to select “To Clipboard,” paste it into your editing software, edit it, then copy and paste it back into your flip chart.

Good luck, and have fun!


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