Become a 2.0 Teacher

These sites are great starting points as you seek to embrace your inner 2.0 geek.  Start small and don’t be afraid to experiment.  It’s also important to network with teachers both in and out of your school.  You’ll find new ideas and lots of support.

Looking for Ideas? (if you are looking for ideas, sign up for the “Diigo in Education” group)

Introducing 2.0 to Your Students (great tool if you’re familiar with facebook!)

Staying Organized (keep all your websites organized and tabulated in one spot) (create, upload, and download all types of docs on a single server – also check out Google Calendar, Google Scholar, and other Google Tools)

Collaborating (Google prevents spam by limiting accounts created from a single I.P. address – if your students get an error message not allowing them to create an account, just email Google and explain your situation OR have your administration create a school domain through Google – it should be free!!!) (this will take some time, but it can be worth it)

Using Diigo Part 1

Using Diigo Part 2

Using Diigo Part 3


One thought on “Become a 2.0 Teacher

    Colleen Young said:
    February 19, 2011 at 9:12 am

    You mention Wikispaces – I have found this very successful with students who find it easy to learn and use. Also there is no problem with age restrictions as teachers can use the User Creator to add students to a wiki with no email required.

    I put some links together for staff at my school which may be of interest here:

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